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At Topsoe we are looking for problem solvers – people that are experts in their field and eager to deliver true impact. To learn more, visit

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At Topsoe we have 2,300 employees serving customers all around the globe.


Topsoe is located in more than 10 countries worldwide.
We have our Global Headquarter in Kgs. Lyngby and Production Plant in Frederikssund, Denmark.

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Topsoe A/S (HQ)
Haldor Topsøes Allé 1
Kgs. Lyngby


Topsoe is a global leader in developing solutions for a decarbonized world, supplying technology, catalysts, and services for worldwide energy transition.
We aim to change

Topsoe is the global leader in energy-efficient technologies to produce clean transportation fuels as well as ammonia, methanol and hydrogen that are universally seen as the most important fuels and chemicals of the future.

Reducing carbon emissions is vital for the success of the transition towards renewable energy and that goal is leading our company and our people.

We are problem solvers

Topsoe is a company based on science and applied chemistry for the greater good. But it’s not a company only for scientists. We need all kinds of graduates and professionals: business, IT, law, and engineering, to fulfill our mission and decarbonize the world. We worship our diversity and welcome all talents, who are willing to adopt our solvers’ mindset.

We are all problem solvers. People who believe that impossible is just a state of mind and that challenges are there to be overcome. In every corner of our business, in every role and office, you’ll find people who are committed to finding answers.

Did you know?
That Topsoe made the catalysts, that made acid rain history? That we can make plastic out of sugar and fuel out of water? That in 2022, we reduced our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 16 million tons? That our HQ is situated in the most scenic surroundings, reminding us every day why we work hard to preserve this planet?
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