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As we continue to expand, we always look out for future employees in T5.

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Patricia Schjøth Hansen

T5 Data Centers

T5 has been focused on supporting enterprise and hyperscale customers with customized data center solutions. Today, we remain dedicated to an unrivaled level of quality that extends across the lifecycle of the core data center ranging from customized turnkey development and facility management to data hall operations, critical construction services and sustainability.
We are looking for different types of people in T5. However, the ideal candidates for facility management should possess qualities like:

1. Technical Expertise: Candidates should have solid technical knowledge of data center infrastructure, including servers, networking, storage systems, and power supply. They should be able to identify and resolve technical issues effectively.

2. Facility Management: Experience in facility management is crucial. This includes maintenance of buildings, installations, security systems, and emergency procedures.

3. Power and Cooling Expertise: Since power and cooling are critical to data center operations, candidates should have knowledge of power management systems, cooling technologies, and energy efficiency.

4. Problem-Solving Skills: Quickly identifying and solving problems is crucial in a data center environment where even small faults can have significant consequences.

5. Communication Skills: Good communication skills are important for collaborating with other team members, reporting on status, and coordinating maintenance work.

6. Flexibility and Availability: Since data centers often operate 24/7, it’s important for candidates to be willing to work shifts and be available for emergencies outside of regular working hours.

You might have a background in critical facilities like hospitals, nuclear, wind energy, oil, or gas industries.
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