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We are looking for a variety of students within the fields of study such as: software, machine learning, structural and civil engineering or business and economics. Have a look following the link below, to browse through our current vacant positions.

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2000 in Denmark / 3000 globally


Our headquarter is in Ballerup, and have offices in Ålborg, Århus and Odense, as well as one in Warsaw.

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Our size and diverse business areas makes KMD an exciting place to be a student or graduate as only your talent and drive set the boundaries. At the same time, we value a healthy work-life balance allowing you to be more than your job.

Exploring the World of KMD

Welcome to KMD – One of Denmark’s leading IT powerhouses, a dynamic hub of innovation, and a gateway to boundless opportunities in the landscape of IT software, infrastructure, and services.

Aspiring bright IT talents – here’s your invitation to discover the world of KMD, where technology transcends boundaries, ideas flourish, and your professional journey finds its true north.

Pioneering Excellence in the Heart of Denmark’s IT Landscape
KMD stands tall as the flagship in Danish IT establishment, crafting software, solutions, and IT services that resonate across Denmark’s public and financial sectors. With an expanding presence in the private sector and the Nordic region, our profound domain expertise, steadfast reliability, and unwavering commitment to security and operational expertise has secured KMD’s position in Danish IT.

Crafting Tomorrow’s Horizons with NEC
Woven into KMD’s narrative is a fusion with NEC, a global trailblazer in harnessing cutting-edge IT and networking technologies for the betterment of businesses and lives worldwide. With over 3.000 talented minds dispersed across Denmark, Poland, Norway and Sweden, KMD breathes life into this synergistic partnership, fostering an environment of innovation, collaboration, and endless growth

Tips before attending KarriereDagene
KMD is a large organization that encompasses a wide range of professional disciplines. Even if what you are studying isn’t listed above, take a look at our available positions, and you’ll likely find something that interests you.
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